Gentleman, Tested: Litmus Test

We gauge sincerity by pursuit. Whenever a desire is expressed or a vision is shared, there is an impetus to follow through. Take the future professional athlete for example.

There is an initial moment of interest, then introductory activity. The experience proves rewarding and motivates them to continue. At the time the declaration is made, the athlete doesn’t possess all of the tools to even compete on the professional level, let alone succeed. He or she has a developing skill set, a budding physique and only a portion of the tenacious mindset needed to sustain a career for any amount of time. They still require greater education, training, mentoring, discipline and a platform to showcase their ability.

Then there comes a setback: a devastating injury, a poor off-the-field decision, a death in the family. What separates the “could’ve been” from the “look at that!” is dedicated effort. It is not enough to find something appealing or attainable. Just because we “can” do things doesn’t mean we “should”. The more “appropriate” (fitting, considerate, aware) the behavior in the given circumstances, the more successful the venture.

Just because we “can” do things doesn’t mean we “should”.

It might be taking some extra snaps after a workout, or putting up more jump shots at the local gym. It might be picking up yet another book to teach yourself how to code a website or finding an incubator or refresher course to increase your actionable acumen. Whatever your goal:

1. Recognize each step (AND setback) as integral in your growth.

2. Express your frustration then actively search for a solution (instead of making excuses for unhealthy outlets).

3. Treasure your supporters. Lone wolves and glory hogs often have relational issues that impede success where it truly counts: in the enjoyment of its rewards.

If you have any other helpful tips, please share them in the comments below.

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  1. Very sound tips. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for reading T.D.!

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