Urban Utility: The 3L Technical Shell from ISAORA

Glimpses of spring afford the opportunity for exploring your world. One of my goals for this year was to expand my photography portfolio, not only in size but in scope and quality. So when I got a chance to venture outside, I wanted to travel unencumbered but nonetheless well-prepared, especially against uncertain elements. I dusted off the camera, dressed comfortably, grabbed a tripod for good measure, and zipped up my ISAORA 3L Technical Shell.

Functionality is essential in any wardrobe decision but especially on what tends to be an all-day excursion. I appreciated the available storage for all my cleaning supplies, lenses, and technical attachments. The design keeps everything accessible but well hidden. It is extremely lightweight and and the cowl (in favor of a bulky and loose hood) provides great protection while maintaining a clear line of sight. I was fully guarded against the chill and the fit allowed for unrestricted range of motion.

I’m looking forward to what this day yields.

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