Suedes of Blue: The Navy Rapello by Meermin Mallorca

For the discerning gent, there are a handful of luxury options with everyday allure. Meermin Mallorca fits the bill effortlessly, albeit in a very competitive space: hand-made, Goodyear welted, steeped in family tradition and old world technique with a contemporary edge.CSC_1059

The design of the Navy Rapello in Suede leaves little to be desired: a fuller silhouette, Goodyear welted, premium calf leather, easily adjustable buckle fastenings, quality stitching on the upper and to the sole, and a premium attention to detail.

Meermin began in 2001 with a rich heritage, attractive lasts, a growing variety of styles, and a commitment to value (the optimal price to quality comparison). They pivoted to open up to the online market in 2012 and a casual Google search for a ‘Goodyear welted double monk’ will bring them to your attention quite quickly. Having used these shoes for the better part of 3 months (although limited by inclement weather), I can say that I’m very satisfied with the finished product, especially in more recent days as spring weather has made some brief cameos.



Comfort: I was surprised by the easy transition from out of the box to on the street. The brand was recommended by a friend who had a similar experience and I haven’t regretted the advice. The exact terminology was “butter-soft” and I’m inclined to agree. There is a legitimate smoothness to the insole that I’ve yet to encounter elsewhere. You can find equally great uppers but the inner lining was a differentiating factor.

With 3 months of wear, the insole has conformed really well to the style and pressure of my gait without losing it cushioning.


Style: Admittedly, I thought the hue would be a stretch for my wardrobe. But it has served as a great accent and asset to outfits that have even a subtle reference to the spectrum of blue. Classically I’ve worn them with suit and tie but as we go deeper into the spring and summer months, I definitely see it in more casual ensembles to balance the inevitable pastels.

Care: This is more of a roundabout benefit. Having these shoes has engendered a greater devotion to investing in the longevity of my entire shoe collection. These are regularly cleaned, brushed, and protected and that has translated to the remainder of my rack.

Thus far it has been a great experience and calls for a repeat order.

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