All In Good Taste: AKLASU


aklasu4Simplicity and sophistication are not mutually exclusive. When we think of design, we should conjure a melding of form and function, art with utility. That is the philosophy of AKLASU, a recently launched men’s accessories brand that hopes to go from young upstart to style mainstay. Their goal is to produce timeless wardrobe essentials, sourced and manufactured in a veritable menswear Mecca: Como, Italy. In a culture often swayed by pomp and circumstance, it is refreshing to see a new crop maintaining that tested ethos and the coveted ‘Made in Italy’ seal. But the origins don’t define the product. The focus is on the experience.

aklasu3From the packaging to the consumer interface, the vision is to infuse the heritage of old world craftsmanship into the contemporary landscape; ultimately building a lifestyle that reflects their tenets of style while remaining a unique expression of the wearer’s aspirations. “We want to make something that you can still wear 5 or even 10 years from now,” says company founder and lead designer of the namesake brand Mensah Aklasu, “that still speaks to your values as clearly as when you made the purchase.”

It is quite the lofty goal in menswear but I’m excited to see them forge ahead. Based on his passion for the craft, I have little doubt of its success. Stay tuned for another update on AKLASU.

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