Food For Thought: Afraid of Dreaming

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

Success tends to favor the eccentric, people who think radically and whose prospective plans seem lofty or exaggerated. But when someone declares bold aspirations, are they casually dismissed or encouraged?

I find that many times, our aspirations are tied to the condition of the status quo, what most think can be reasonably achieved. Declare your desire to become a doctor or even a singer, and you’re readily encouraged by friends and loved ones to pursue it. On the contrary, say you wish to build a company from the ground up that has a worldwide impact, it is often perceived to be “crazy” or “impossible.” There is little to limited support for people with big ideas. And for that reason, they are afraid to dream big, afraid of the uncertainty of venturing into the unknown, and afraid of their ideas being dismissed. They choose not to try something new since the available options have proved to be safe and satisfactory.

That constant fear, unfortunately, is the difference between a nice life and a true success.

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