Social Documentary: Of a Broken Home

Of a Broken Home, 2013

Photography: by Stephen Obisanya

Social documentary photography is a passion of mine and, with time, I hope to share stories that speak to the human condition, and life in general. Of a Broken Home is a short project I completed last year and is my first venture into this field.

A home speaks volumes to the character of the people it inhabits. The arrangement, design, and overall mood often represent the personality of each family that takes it over. No one family is the same, and neither is the imprint they leave behind.

In my brief visit to the Mayer House, a home that belonged to the father of a dear friend, I was captivated by the character it had managed to sustain for years. Built in 1855, the house has been home to many different family generations, and is now in preservation (and often times, repair) by its current owner.

Absent a camera, I used the next best thing within reach — my phone — to document the parts I found to be most intriguing as I was taken on a rather quick tour. My goal during this time was to depict the character and condition of the home in hopes to recount the story of the families that once lived in the house.

The following is a visual montage of a broken home.

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