Inspired Composition: Maltby Clothiers

maltbylogoInfusing Jazz-age design pays homage to a more romantic era, a bon vivant lifestyle where fashion and culture intertwined across societal barriers. Maltby Clothiers is a convergence of influences, a men’s neckwear line with a global sensibility made exclusively in the capital of the world– New York City. Founder Ian Flemming says: “I think the Jazz-age is particularly inspiring to me because I’m reminded of really great, carefree times. I graduated high school in 2001 and went to college and worked in real estate during one of the greatest industry booms the country has ever seen (2003-2007). At the time I lived in Las Vegas so seeing all the excess and extravagant attitudes always reminded me of the scenes in my favorite novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’. That book is the image of the Jazz-age we all have today.” In addition to his pursuit of personal style as motivation, he credits something even more significant:

“The name [of the company] is a nod to my grandmother. Her maiden name was Maltby. She was born in England and a lot of my love for beautiful things comes from her. She was always an important person in my life.”

The designs seek to capture an Art Deco quality, simultaneously timeless and contemporary. And as he puts it: “We’re rooted in American prep, with an admiration for English tradition and quality, brought together by Italian flair.” This signature tie features the classic repp stripe and echo the company’s feature colors, an ode to wealth and elegance. Coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign and this inaugural release, I’m looking forward to what the brand has in store for next season.

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