Making Wristory: Crown Collections


Two worlds come together to put Crown Collections at the frontier of the men’s accessories movement. Operating in Ireland and founded by Ade (meaning ‘crown’ in his native Yoruba) Adekiyesi, an entrepreneur of Nigerian descent, Crown Collections is a testament to the fusion of different cultures and sensibilities. Poised to contribute to the growing ornament market for men, at a time of increased interest, Crown Collections draws inspiration from all corners. Each bracelet is painstakingly handcrafted from high quality stones and are evocative of stories and experiences of personal and cultural significance: “The Tiger Eye bracelet,” as Ade elaborates, “represents a great king who came from his country to a foreign land crossing over oceans — this is where the inspiration for the Natural Oceanic bracelet came about.”

As a fresh brand in the market, and with a young man at the helm of it, Crown Collections has a primary goal: “Giving customers affordable luxury at hand.” Ade explains, “Early-on, I noticed that the demand for men’s accessories had started to grow and I always felt undressed if I didn’t have some sort of bracelet on…but I also wanted something that spoke to me, my heritage, my values. Starting Crown Collections was the logical ‘next step’.”

With the attention it has received thus far, Crown attributes his success to his supporters; “[I’d like] to see the product in stores in the coming years…in order to better serve customers in more areas, let them physically experience the product, [because they] make Crown Collections what it is today.”

See more of the collection here.

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Bracelets: Natural Oceanic & Unakite

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