Through the Lens: Indianapolis, IN

‘Through the Lens’ is a new series for photographers, hobbyist or professional, to take us through their city in ten photos or less. Every city has a story. Welcome to the journey home.
“During my sophomore year of college I met my beautiful girlfriend who is a native of Indianapolis. I went to visit her on one of our summer vacations where she introduced me to the city.  We traveled to Chicago and other cities surrounding Indianapolis.  Once we both graduated college, I decided to leave my roots in North Carolina and take the plunge to move to Indy with her to start my career.  Although it is not the most fashionable city in the US, I have met some amazing people and done some amazing things here in Indy.” – Isaiah Johnson



Isaiah Johnson is a freelance photographer and menswear/lifestyle blogger, born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina. He has a strong passion for fashion and photography as well as graphic design. His blog, A Collected Gentleman  showcases his journey towards personal style, while at the same time helping readers with theirs. Follow his work on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I love photos and the way they capture everything in one simple lens. Thanks for sharing these, truly wonderful!

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