The Standard: Cub & Company

Founder of camera accessories brand Cub & Company, Joel Chavez is infusing an authentic punch to the average photographer’s equipment. A designer by trade and a camera collector, Joel saw an opportunity to make a mark in a field that was yet to be populated. “I’m obsessed with good, clean design,” he says, “and I try my best to approach everything with my own creative instincts. I feel a good designer can design anything, from a logo, to an interior space, or a camera strap in this case.” And his penchant for compelling aesthetics are, without a doubt, apparent throughout his handmade camera straps and similar products.

As an avid photographer, Joel managed to meld his passion for the craft with his artisanal sensibilities under Cub & Company. “From the beginning I knew I wanted to start something simple and honest. No filler, no fluff, just my passion for photography, respect for the craft, my design sense, and your camera. I’m grateful that the photography community has been so supportive and I think it’s that organic interaction that’s helped to build our support to the point it’s at.” Since the company’s establishment, production has progressively taken a turn from a one-man operation to a collaboration between Joel and Knickerbocker MFG. Co, an American manufacturing company based in New York City, which remains, as Joel says, “an integral part of the Cub & Company family.”

Such a collaboration between the two quality-centric, like-minded brands is what gives a camera strap such as the monochrome shooter strap (pictured above), its refined aesthetic and quality. And with functionality at the core of the brand’s objective, it is wise to say that Cub & Company will be around for the foreseeable future. “We simply want to outfit a photographer’s daily lifestyle with the most innovative products up our sleeve,” Joel says, “but we can’t put the cart before the horse, so stay tuned!”

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