Seaside Solitude with Sperry Top-Sider

The usually bustling PIER 17 is under construction and the lull in pedestrian traffic on this overcast afternoon presents a prime occasion for a solitary stroll along the seaport. Working in the creative space, there is an undeniable need to be constantly refreshed. For me, some deconstruction and disarray is where I get my best ideas for how and what to build. It helps me tailor my approach, challenging my perception of potential and what I see as opportunity. It’s incredible what you can envision when you close your eyes, away from the stream of information and distraction that floods our consumer mentality. These precious moments of peace are the best way to appraise where you are and adjust for where you want to be. This escape with Sperry Top-Sider was just that: a time for reflection and projection. And as the waves softly lap the dockside and the sea breeze whistle through this scenic expanse, I have a feeling that great things are on the horizon.  

Featured: Sperry Topsider Gold Cup Bay Boot and Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

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  1. The boots look better on than I thought. It was also how you guys styled them. Nice

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