Thoughts on Time

  Time cannot be saved but it can be managed. Wearing a watch allows you to be aware but not distracted, in-tune but not delayed. It’s a perfect way to signal a change in schedule or to track a change in pace. It lets you take on the day at your own speed but it is also humbling because it’s a clear reminder that you can’t control everything. A watch is a statement piece when words fail, a punctuation mark for the punctual; it denotes value, quality, intimacy. We’re are measured by what we esteem and take care of. A watch represents your relationship with the world around you because as Earth keeps orbit, as the sun rises and sets, as seasons change and tasks pile up, your watch keeps ticking, unchanging, consistent. I wear my watch because it tells me my limits but also screams of my potential. I may only have an hour but what can I accomplish in that hour? How much can I pack in? How well can I focus? My watch begs the question: “is that all you’ve got?” My watch is a ​Seiko® Astron GPS Chronograph. And my reply is “no”.

Published previously on the Men’s Health MVP Network.

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