Strictly Business with ShirtCycle


Whether you’re in .com or conventional corporate, ShirtCycle offers a curated selection of seasonal weights and prints in an interesting subscription model to make custom more convenient. By taking your basic measurements and style profile, the system guides you through a first “fitting”. A test shirt is delivered within 3 weeks and you can mark any necessary adjustments that in-house tailors cater to for an ideal button-down. After confirming the cut and color, you’re on your way to quality shirting that fits and fits your lifestyle!

The service bridges the gap between the personal interaction of an in-store experience and the speedy navigation of an online interface. Through a range of preferences and with the ease of mobile accessibility, ShirtCycle utilizes years of experience in manufacturing and menswear trends to predict and pair the right shirt for you. I needed some versatile pieces to pair with a more buttoned-up look for meetings and engagements so I selected a range in their ‘boardroom’ cut, featuring a wide spread collar and traditional French cuffs.

As with all custom clothing, a fair amount of patience is required. But the initial investment in time is more than worth the return. And with no contract, you are free to opt-out when you wish to discontinue the service. So for weekend leisure to boardroom deliberations, you’ll be sure to find something for your taste, budget, and needs, especially at $250 for three custom shirts.

Find out more about ShirtCycle here.

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