Style Is: Jamal Jackson

Style is…evolution.

Till this day I still choose not to define my style. Its really about my mood, how I’m feeling and what I want to convey to the world that day. Im a mix between tailored pieces that are bold and colorful. Usually when people think of a well tailored suit they think of black or blue. 
I never limit myself to any color or pattern. Id like to think dressing is an art and art is color, print, pattern, shapes. I admire the style of Mark Ronson and David Beckham. Mark Ronson a little more trendy and David Beckham, clean cut and traditional. 


Here is prime example of my style in a nutshell. Using tradition and tailoring to match my own personal style. Hers a printed short suit I wore during Fashion Week, according to readers it was awesome. However many media sites considers the short suit a waste of a trend or just a hideous look. The point is you have to develop your personal style and OWN IT.


 This is a vacation inspired look. Comfortable enough to travel in and great for a day on any island. The tropical pants make it easy. 

Jamal Jackson is the curator of Style Society Guy, a lifestyle blog that chronicles his taste in menswear, cuisine and travel. 

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