The Ideal Pursuit: Ease

Elegance is fluid. The graceful man exudes a certain freedom of self, allowing himself to release not all inhibitions, but arbitrary restrictions. Within him is a sense of joviality that works in tandem with a requite respect of occasion. Both are equal parts of the gentleman, neither no more important than the other. He remembers to have fun, to be accommodating, to release.

Whether one’s ambitions verge on the adventurous or the banal, attention to detail is crucial in any endeavor. However, to be truly free, to employ a spirited sense of frivolity, one mustn’t obsess over the minutiae. For it’s when that constant sense of fact-checking and rigid adherence to a subscribed set of guidelines is fostered, fun is lost. The freedom to express is lost; the fluidity is absent. The elegant man must know how and when to release. He has to loosen up.

Release and a sense of fluidity aren’t tied to a pattern of wanton bacchanalia (not all the time anyway, because that can fun occasionally), but rather finding oneself after the facts and guidelines and edicts. That’s the release, where one finds his place to discover his own interpretation of the order (within parameters). It’s following that epiphany of release and freedom one can have fun.

Grace and refinement aren’t the stodgy imagery they may conjure up. Elegance is a way of living, of exuding your truest self, in its fluid, authentic glory.

Photo by Bevin Elias.

Kamau Hosten hails from Ocala, Florida and is the founder of The Ideal Pursuit, an online platform that celebrates better living. “Only through growth and evolution, experience and exposure, are we truly able to step out of our comfort zones.” 

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