Simple, Effective, Affordable: HAST 

 There are a few things that men could never have enough of. The cases for many indulgences can be debated on end but one of the most simple pleasures is a well-made shirt. That informs the philosophy behind HAST, a boutique Parisian apparel label that makes shirting easy to wear, easy to find and easy on the wallet.


I first got in touch with Samy, one of the three co-founders, about a year ago. Since then, the line has expanded to include a line of basic accessories, sort of a men’s essentials destination. But the core of the collection is the dress shirt: the signature semi-cutaway collar with mitered 1-button cuffs and a wide range of solids and prints in poplin, twill and Oxford cloth. 


As versatile as the cotton they employ, HAST boasts nearly 100 options at my last count, with more I’m sure in the queue. What I appreciate most is the characteristic simplicity: a collar that can frame most face shapes, well balanced with a tie or without, and, in my preference, vertical stripes. From your 9-5 to a night out, give HAST a once over.