Striking Out

“Do you stay for the same reasons you start?”

I think we all seek purpose at our core. Yet comfort has a way of convincing us to compromise, to remain in our box (or cubicle) when we feel the compulsion to detach and divest. What might’ve began as a transient venture, with the full knowledge of greater things to accomplish, has now become part and parcel of life. And, without you realizing, it has left you paralyzed.

There is an innate risk-taker mentality that we lose over time, as life begins to dole out disappointments. We start off as inquisitive explorers and through experience (both good and bad) we naturally begin to hold back, even to our detriment. There are few who can look past those hard lessons and toward the next opportunity. Reason proposes an ‘acceptable’ level of trepidation and masks it as wisdom– rather than us calculating manageable risk. Instead, we get stuck on “I’m not ready” or “the time isn’t right”. But that begs the question: “if not now, then when?”.

It is never too early to prepare. You have an idea. Everything starts with one. Is it ready for market? Maybe not. But why not snatch up the domain name while it’s still available? Or map out the basic business model? Preparation is spending time now to save it later. It’s transactional. So yes, you might have to spend a bit of money, or take a course, or find a partner. Because you don’t want to be scrambling when you finally are ready.

Control your pace. Then enjoy the ride.

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