Plated or Poured: Plaintains Foster

What’s dinner without dessert? Plantains Foster is a Caribbean take on the Creole classic, Bananas Foster, and it’s definitely what you need to serve TONIGHT! It’s a simple and savory dessert you can throw together in under 5 minutes. 

And, as an added bonus, you will be cooking with rum that you get to ingite. Yes! You read  correctly. You will be creating a temporary flame in a pan to burn off the liquor. Now, before you freak out, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. 

The flame and will burn off fairly quickly. But, just as a precaution I recommend you turn off the heat/gas before you ignite to ensure you don’t Flambe yourself. In the end, just be careful, enjoy the wow effect and serve with a high quality vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!  


1 well ripened plantain

¼ cup brown sugar

1 tbsp. unsalted butter

pinch sea salt

¼ tsp. cinnamon

1.5 fl.oz. Banana Liquer 

3 fl.oz. Kraken dark rum

2 scoops Häagen Dasz Vanilla Ice Cream, or any ice cream you prefer.

Mint leaves for garnish



Cut plantain lengthwise and then in half to have four pieces. Set aside. 

Using a saute pan, melt butter and toss in brown sugar, cinnamon and salt cooking over medium-low heat.

Toss in plantain pieces flat side down and cook until softened, turning in sauce occasionally; 2-4 mins. Do not overcook. 

Carefully add all shots and catch flame to burn off alcohol; remove from heat.

Add 2 scoops vanilla ice cream into each bowl and top with plantains and sauce. Serve immediately.

Enjoy & repeat!

‘Plated or Poured’ is our new food and drink column curated by Rashad Frazier, a prolific home cook who hails from North Carolina and currently lives in NYC. When it comes to food and drink, he stands for everything good and righteous. You can keep up with his culinary exploits and so much more on his food and lifestyle blog, PULLEDTOGETHER.

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