Glass Ceiling

Many of us have barely scratched the surface of our potential, let alone broken through. Recently, I’ve been struggling with what I really should be doing. The “how” has always been there. I’ve employed many of the same basic principles and procedures across the platforms/positions that I maintain. But the “what” has proven to be elusive, being that I “can” do many things. Like many “millenials”, I’m sure you’re in a similar boat. But ability isn’t license to partake, just as activity isn’t always indicative of progress. There is a unique value in maximizing your gift as opposed to managing your talents. The former is acquired through submission, the latter through command. It is great to do what you do well, it is even better to give that up for what you do best. That discovery and subsequent sacrifice is the path that I’m on. My perspective: don’t sit in greatness when you can be outstanding.

This rumination is fitting as today we commemorate a man with incredible vision and fortitude. He was direct and intentional and serves as a great example of denying comfort to pursue the kind of change that only results from conflict. I’m grateful for the platform he occupied and the challenges he endured in pursuit of the ‘best’. Reflect on where you are, project where you want to be. Appreciate, then aspire.

Then plan.

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