Cut from the Canvas: Rampley & Co.

As companies continue to push the boundaries of design, I found solace in a more classical rendition. For their exclusive collection with the National Gallery in London, Rampley & Co. marries fine art and menswear with seamless style, veritable masterpieces that transport with ease.


The pieces are strikingly simple, expertly crafted hand-rolled pocket squares that are a welcome accoutrement for the esteemed art buff and the clothes horse alike. Not much explanation is needed, and I’d venture that to be the aim. They’re  made to be appreciated, nothing more and certainly nothing less. In a word, it’s timeless, an impact measured equally by silent awe as exuberant inquiry. The result is that of all art, a subjective inclination tempered by exposure. To know art is to have interacted with it, beyond the echoes of long hallways, beneath the glass panes that separate it from your touch; to have seen the dry, cracked strokes or inhaled the wisps of age. This may not be the full immersion, but it is undoubtedly an impressive experience. I was particularly fond of the rendering of “VENICE: THE BASIN OF SAN MARCO ON ASCENSION DAY“. 

To symbolize the marriage of Venice to the sea, the Doge of Venice drops a gold ring into the Grand Canal. This is the scene depicted here in one of Canaletto’s finest paintings. The annual festival, which has taken place for more than 1000 years, symbolises Venice’s dominance of the seas during this period in history. 


They make for an effortless inclusion to any ensemble and a conversation starter to boot. See more of the National Gallery collection here and shop the rest of the product line on-site. Expecting much more to come, stay tuned!