Carry All This Fall: Seasonal Travel Bag Round-Up

Heritage is undeniable. This fall is all about investment, in things that are made to last. So I’ve rounded up 3 of my favorite fall bags, true to the craftsmanship and aesthetic that have led these brands over the last century or more. To start, is my carry-all for shoots big or small. I usually add two bodies in addition to a range of lenses and everything from pins to blotting paper. To lessen the load, I turn  to Timberland and their Holcomb Wax Travel bag, which doubles as a handheld and a backpack. The waxed cotton/linen blend keeps my gear safe and has a rugged tone with bright orange leather accents to give me a point of visual reference when I’m on the move and wading deeper in trees and brush on my creative journey. Just part of the experience on the Modern Trail. And it also happens to be the most budget friendly on the list so you can grab yours here.

Timberland, 278 USD

The next two honorable mentions go up the price scale but are nonetheless great options. As the holiday season approaches, travel is inevitable. This Filson medium duffel in Otter Green is built for wear and tear with a snap-over storm flap for rougher conditions. And the Continental Duffel is a classic from J.W. Hulme, with beautifully rolled leather handles and a patina to match for a statement piece when on the road. You can snag either of these here. Happy Shopping and travel safely!

Filson, 345 USD
J.W. Hulme, 895 USD