Cityscapes: Boston, MA

My photography takes a thrilling, urban-exploratory, and lively viewon the city of Boston. In my vision, I try to capture both what is seen and unseen by the naked eye. Capturing what is not seen by the naked eye is achieved in my post processing, also referred to as the extension of my vision. This is the creative process that I have come to strongly resonate with in the past year as I gradually improved as a photographer. My vision as well as my creative process is inspired and driven by thrill and urban exploration. That is the passion that lurks in me in which I’m motivated me capture and represent Boston in a compelling and breathtaking fashion.


Risk taking is the ultimate catalyst for fulfilling such a vision. Unpermitted roofs, exclusive views, abandoned establishments and the usually unseen components of Boston; a risk has to be taken in order to achieve that. The adrenaline rush and the thrill I experience when lurking through a transit tunnel, flying in a ‘doors off’ helicopter, or sneaking onto a 40-story roof is gratifying. It is gratifying because I do not focus on what can go wrong when taking a risk, I only focus on what can go right. That focal point is visually communicated in my results which are the photos of Boston themselves.

 I have cultivated this perception for myself and to visually stimulateVmy viewers. The camera and lens are both merely secondary; it is my perspective that is fundamental. Therefore, I utilize what I have shaped and what I have molded to capture Boston both day and night, showcasing my fearless vision without any doubt. My plan B is to make my plan A work.-Jordan Kines

20 year old artist.

Boston, MA born and raised.

Instagram: @JordanKines