Pinned and Proper: Hawkins & Shepherd

Popularized from the 1920’s to the 1960’s (with a bit of a resurgence thanks to Michael Douglas’ performance as Gordon Gekko in the iconic iteration of ‘Wall Street’), the pin collar shirt marries the comfort of a soft collar with the sharpness of a classically tailored look.   

Far from casual, London’s own Hawkins & Shepherd serves a nod to the past with simply elegant designs and accoutrements, updating an already refined aesthetic. I’ve found that the pins can have a variety of style applications but the primary attachment should be to the collar. Nonetheless, it’s good to think outside of the norm a bit, especially in matters of taste. After all, growth is in exploration.

With a full range of premium shirting, arrow and club collars, and a bevy pin options in beautiful finishes, Hawkins & Shepherd is certainly worth a gander. See more of their styles here.