LEPSI: Powering Precision

Mechanisms for keeping time have greatly evolved in the last five centuries and the advancements continue with the Watch Scope from Lepsi. An equally portable counterpart to the wrist watch, this Swiss-made device measures the rate accuracy of your timepiece within a remarkable range and keeps the information from an easily accessible mobile app. For a quick crash course, rate accuracy marks the deviation of your watch movement in seconds per day, a function of anything from gravity to a mechanical imbalance. A watch is useless if it’s not accurate and to that end, the COSC (the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) has made it their goal over the past 40 years to set the standards for watch movements that excel in the global marketplace. The Watch Scope brings that technology in a compact form, measuring frequency and amplitude from a watch’s balance to determine how well it’s running.


A watch can generally have a +/-10 second deviation before the movement requires servicing so the Watch Scope takes out all of the guesswork and keeps you on time, which is why you have a watch in the first place. It only takes a few seconds and you can track your entire watch collection from the app on your phone or tablet. Just simply connect it to your device and let it work its magic! The technology is compatible with both iOS and Android and you don’t have to take your watch off to get an accurate measurement. It’s the best way to make sure what your wearing is actually working for you. For more information, see the watch analyzer technology in action in the video below and check the website to get your very own Watch Scope. Here’s to never missing a beat!