Add to Cart: The Metro by Nomos Glashütte

Time is of essence when you’re part of the fast paced machine that is the Big Apple. Luckily, Nomos Glashütte, a watchmaking company based in Glashütte, Germany has designed and crafted a machine of their own, so that you can manage time in style. The “Metro” as it is labeled, is a nod to the sophisticate, yet streamlined blueprint of certain metropolitan areas. From symmetrical lines and muted color accents to the classic features, the timepiece aesthetically grasps the concept of “less is more.” Encased with fine stainless steel, strapped with horween genuine shell cordovan black, and backed with a sapphire crystal glass, the watch is outfitted, inside and out, with some of the finest materials on the market. Simply put, if you’re not attentive to details or are in preference of the gaudy rather than understated accessories, you will miss the essence of the Metro. Upon first look, the watch appears to be simple and without flair, however, the painstaking craftsmanship fused into the timepiece, without a doubt, beckons for a closer look at the intricate parts that make up the whole. Aptly stated, “this watch is designed for metropolitan types with an eye for aesthetics.”

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