Travel Journal: The Streets of Cartageña

Everyone I told of my trip to Colombia asked me, ‘Why are you going there? Is it safe? Do you know anyone else who’s gone there? Do you watch ‘Narcos’? Aren’t you scared?” If you’ve never heard me say it before, you should know that I’m a firm believer in the internet “shrinking the world”, and furthermore that travel is not only life-changing, but necessary: something that every country, ethnic group, and person can benefit from. 


This is another way Shep and I choose to prove “Everywhere, People are People”. So, to answer those questions, my reply is usually a sarcastic one, because it’s hard for me to comprehend such questions, given the abundance of information we all have in regards to travel (there goes that Internet again). And I have lots of faith in the human spirit to know that connections will be made with people when I get there, regardless of what country I’m in. So no, I’m not afraid. I welcome the journey.


   Jamaal Lemon is the co-founder of The Wayfarer Study, documenting travel on a mission to prove that #EverywherePeopleArePeople. See more from their trip to Columbia here. And follow their adventures on Facebook and Instagram