On the Go: Unit Portables

Portability and functionality are essential components to the tech industry, and as our everyday gadgets and devices continue to be re-imagined for an on-the-go experience, so, too, must the items that house them. Unit Portables, a Scandinavian brand with a unique background in design, fashion and technology, is taking on the challenge to rethink the way we parcel our personal belongings with their lineup of bags. Their Overnight Bag Unit 05 is a great sample of why Unit Portables stands out in the competitive utility market. The bag, like many of the other offerings, includes specialized fastening strips and loops on the inner and outer section that allows for the attachment of smaller storage units, making it readily compatible with a series of detachable units. Customization is entirely up to the user based on his needs. And now you never have to worry about rummaging through a bag to find any of your devices or accessories.

Since I’m used to making short trips within the Tri-state area for personal work, the Overnight Bag is ideal and allows me to pack just the essentials that I’ll be needing over the span of a couple of days.

Look out for the Unit Portables SS’ 16 collection launch here.