Add to Cart: Wool Baseball Jacket

Since the seasonal transition from Fall to Winter, the weather hadn’t called for much of a change in wardrobe. Just a week ago, many were prancing about in tee-shirts and at the most, a light jacket. However, much has changed since our brief welcome into the new year, and the recent cold front calls for some serious layering garments. This Loro Piana Wool Baseball Jacket from Golden Bear is the perfect garment to temper the cold with, and in style if I might add. Available in Navy and Vicuna (golden brown tone), this jacket is a proper substitute for the typical hooded sweatshirt and a comfortable option when you are in the mood to experiment with different layering combinations. I’m especially partial to the Vicuna option for the pop of color and texture, and the simple fact that my wardrobe needs something other than navy for once.

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