Add to Cart: Bulbul Pebble Watch

While some prefer bulky and flashy timepieces, there are those of us that still appreciate the simple pieces that complete a look and make a statement all on their own. Bulbul, a contemporary Danish watch brand handled by founder Jacob Juul, has been hard at work since 2013 to perfect what would come to be their debut design in the asymmetric Pebble watch. Inspired by the pebbles found along Scandinavian coastlines, the Pebble watch is offered in seven styles (01-07) and constructed from the highest quality of materials by age-old manufacturing companies (i.e. Vollmer, German-based steel watch bands manufacturer since 1922) to ensure functionality, durability, and longevity.

“Painstakingly crafted to make Pebble’s material durability match the aesthetic sustainability, Bulbul’s first design is built to last and designed to be relevant for the next generation of watch enthusiasts. Ultimately, though, Bulbul’s thoroughly realized watches are designed for the contemporary global mindset that appreciates meticulously crafted products focusing on enduring aesthetics and lasting, premium materials.”

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