Affordable Designer Eyewear from Oren Isaac

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher. Nothing could’ve prepared Emmanuel Aboucaya more than his career as an optician. Professionally trained in France, Aboucaya perfected his craft in New York, serving a diverse and discerning clientele in Soho in the late nineties. In 2004, he took his vision for high quality affordable eyewear to Paris, creating several successful boutiques along the way. After selling them, he set his sights back to the States, providing the same level of craftsmanship and care online with Oren Isaac.

oren isaac eyewear genteel flair feature thierry augustin
Named after his son, the brand takes a minimalist approach to design, updating classic silhouettes with modern touches that keep them exciting yet still accessible– using premium acetate and BPA-free lenses that bring both style and clarity to the eyewear market. The Herve in Havana is the perfect reflection of the OI aesthetic, the vintage-esque frames easily complementing contemporary wearers.

oren isaac eyewear genteel flair feature thierry augustin
oren isaac eyewear genteel flair feature thierry augustin And at $98 with prescription lenses, a deal never looked this good. Try your own pair from Oren Isaac Eyewear!

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Model: Laurent Caillat