The Roundup: News from HypeBeast, Moleskine and more!

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HypeBeast, the media conglomerate and online shopping platform with HypeTrak and Hypebae under the same digital umbrella, filed for IPO in Hong Kong. With round the clock coverage of every new industry release, collaboration and breaking news, the evolution from information resource to a shareholder enterprise has been years in the making. Congrats! Read the full story here. 

Moleskine is changing the game with their new set of auto-digitizing note capture devices. Long in the pockets of artists, authors, and everyday penman, this is the next frontier–from thought to pad to cloud. See the full story on PorHomme. And get your Writing Set online here.

Art comes in many forms. Photographer, style aficionado and personal inspiration Louege Delcy, better known as Dapper Lou, released a powerful photo collection focused on the color red. See the rest of the imagery here

Twenty years ago, I was probably dribbling my first mini-basketball. Over the years, I’ve developed a slight obsession with the game–and maybe with Kobe too. I shed a tear watching ‘Muse’, I’ve watched him struggle (those signs in Denver? Sheesh!), I’ve watched him triumph and evolve from a young kid with a fro and too much energy to the most calculated technician on the court, period. Now he takes his final bow– leaving a legacy of undying will, even when his body in all likelihood shouldn’t have cooperated. He was the G.O.A.T of my generation since I could only try to appreciate Michael’s tenacity via grainy YouTube clips and ‘classic’ game replays–the flu, the push-off on Byron Russell etc. But Kobe? He was real. And those buzzer beaters, the posts moves, the footwork, they’ll be etched in my memory for a long time. Especially the 15 rebounds in Game 7 of the 2010 championship against Boston. And every time I hit a jumper and said “Kobe”.

To keep the farewell interesting, Nike just released a featurette featuring Mamba and some other great champions of his era leading up to Mamba Day, his final game tomorrow night. See the full clip on GQ. #ThankYouKobe 

And speaking of basketball, the dominant force that has been the Golden State Warriors this season have just tied a 20-year old record of their own, the first to 72 wins since Jordan’s Bulls–with one more chance to displace them in the history books. Get the recap on!