Food for Thought: Wordplay

“A man with a scant vocabulary will almost certainly be a weak thinker. The richer and more copious one’s vocabulary and the greater one’s awareness of fine distinctions and subtle nuances of meaning, the more fertile and precise is likely to be one’s thinking. Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing.”

-Henry Hazlitt

Notice that the above quote is an expression of probability. It’s not a guarantee that a large vocabulary is indicative of deep thought but it is conducive to it. The value we ascribe to something is very much dependent on the words we use to describe it (and hence reflected by our actions towards it).

Our words are our primary interface. They are the foundation for any relational exchange. People usually observe you based on what you tell them. That’s why having an accurate self description serves as proof of your self knowledge. You can recall everything that you’ve printed on a resume. It’s what defines you to the job market. Being able to represent yourself well (qualifications, experience, personality, etc) is what gets you the position.

Take some time and learn a new word today. Expanding your vocabulary extends your capacity for intelligent (knowledgeable) conversation.

Mine is ‘inapt’. I’ve used its antonym but have never inserted it into my vernacular. I’ve found it, now I’ll use it in a sentence three times throughout the day; an elementary but effective principle. Give it a try!

Share your word choices in the comments below!

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  1. great thought, enjoyed reading. I will pick out a new word to use today 🙂

  2. Thanks Michaela! Let me know which one you choose!

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