Deeper Meaning: Miscommunication

Why is miscommunication our biggest flaw and why do we pay so little attention to it? Through it we can fix relationship on all level, starting with visible and audible communication down to the spirit communication by quieting the physical. Misunderstanding someone when they’re trying to communicate to us can be caused by many reasons. It is not just as simple as “they just do not understand me”. Solving the misunderstanding between two energies first step is understanding that we don’t learn the same and we all have ways we’re not only raised but in the way we perceive the way we’re raised. It is our assumption that average understanding of simple concepts is all the same that leads to most miscommunication. It does not mean that every being understands average concepts in the same way.

Our creation and connections to our surroundings in the way we learn is key. Association, and what we choose to associate with in a particular conversation is eventually where the outcome of the conversation will lead us. It is almost too easy to assume a reaction in a someone through our eyes because we’ve been thought it or we’ve seen someone go through it. Assuming does not necessarily mean that the outcome will be the same but more often than you think the outcome becomes the same because the assumptions trigger reactions in us that lead our spirit towards the same finish line. Once we cross that finish line we feel accomplishment, but if we do not trigger different, more emotionally effective triggers we keep our self in a loop of the same outcome.

Whether “good” or “bad”, if the outcome is to be different in a positive way our reactions have to change and we have to be more aware and in tune with our self through other by paying attention to our reactions. Meaning, to learn about self pay attention to where your thoughts go when anger is triggered. Anger sometimes puts us back to the beginning. It is like starting a level all over again, everything is good in the beginning because we’re familiar with this part, but once we enter the realm where we failed before and enter into a nervous state we start triggering the same emotional outcomes. Some emotional outcomes start opening the same doors toward anger and we end up where we started again.

Point is if we approach that problem again in the same way same results will follow. We have to change our emotional state and accept to listen to the person trying to communicate to understand them better and vice versa. Miscommunication is the root to a lot of the current world problems. By listening and being aware of our reactions to the communicator when they’re trying to communicate we in return become better communicators. Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and prosperous week ahead!