Deeper Meaning: The Difference between Love and Desire

Often, I find myself contemplating the difference between the words love and desire. I try to decipher the code and how my emotions are attached to these words. They are in the end just words, but our attachment to these words learned through our senses, interactions and surroundings is how we react when we hear and interact with these words. Both words have life long lessons in them and I feel that these words can be translated in infinite different meanings through all the minds on this planet and beyond. Our material and emotional attachment to both words play a big part in our daily lives. These interactions begin upon waking up in the morning till we fall asleep at night; even beyond our conscious mind and continuing to dig deep into our subconscious mind through dreams. Often these two words can play on the same team or on completely opposing sides in this game of life. 

To love and to be loved, to desire and to be desired are both imbedded deep into our being. What we desire is something that we’re familiar with and something that makes us feel good on the inside and we might feel feeds us on some level. At the same time what is making us feel good could be hurtful to somebody or something else. Things we love are sometimes confused with the things we desire. Being able to make the distinction and disassociate them from one another is key to understanding one self. Situations that we desire for our benefit could sometimes be viewed as selfish and driven by the ego, so the old adage “if thou desireth something let thy desire be beneficial to all” should be taken into account. Sometimes the language of today is not able to substitute the words used in the time when the understanding of the human emotions was closer to its roots. Language itself is partially another consequence of love and desire. As we desire and love we create. As we create we redefine and redesign. As we redefine our thoughts we redesign our surroundings and in return language evolves according to our desires. 

To continue looking at these words and emotions further within, we must try to apply and learn from our reactions to them in every day use. They can bring out the best in us, but if we feel that these words bring out the worst in us we must try to overcome those emotions and create new associations that will make us happier. If we continue to associate love with a bad breakup, or desire with something we think unachievable then we will continue to live through those situations until we change the way we look, feel and react emotionally to those particular words. These are just 2 words in the a language I hope we have in common, imagine changing the way you feel about every word in the dictionary in a positive way. 

Today, I wake up and declare a change in the way I associate myself to my language.

Humbly yours,


Mirza “Prince” Babic is a co-founder of, a media group that empowers individuals through photos, design and teaches social media branding tactics. A photographer by profession Mirza is a lover of arts. With a BA in Audio Engineering Mirza is also involved in the music industry, composing and producing music for artists, short films and commercials. Currently, he is working on a few projects including a book which he believes will lead him to his ultimate goal of getting closer to world peace. You can find links and some of his work on his website and his Instagram

 Feature image by Neil Watson of 10Leaves.