PT Pantaloni Torino S/S ’17 Blends Classic Tailoring with Modern Design

With fall weather in rare form on what would usually be a brisk October afternoon, PT Pantaloni Torino presented  their upcoming spring collection in their Madison Avenue showroom. CEO Edoardo Fassino was on-hand to curate an elegant display of craftsmanship and color, tent poles of the PT brand.

 The keynote of the collection was versatility, with a range of cuts and fits that catered to every part of a man’s lifestyle while remaining unwaveringly stylish. Pants are no doubt the most challenging article to shop for and PT Pantaloni Torino makes it easy from travel wear to boardroom style (with the casual days in between). I was particularly impressed by their denim range in the PT05 collection, marrying quality materials, classic construction, and modern silhouettes for an unparalleled fit. 

As always, great design in the details from the exclusive linings, hand-painted graphic work and subtle closures that define the PT Pantaloni Torino aesthetic. Overall, the passion for pants shone through, along with the deep roots in Italian culture as guests were treated to delectable hors d’oeuvres.

Expect to hear a lot about this brand in the very near future.

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