Cheers to New Beginnings

The end of the year is always worth celebrating. I spend time calculating the failures and successful ventures, pondering on the lessons learned and making an actionable plan for the future. But in that introspection, I never forget to celebrate. 

The passage of time can be so subtle that it feels like the calendar is moving at lightspeed. When I started 2016, so much was in flux. And as things have settled and others not as much (that’s life huh?), it begs the question, “what now?”. 

In this journey, I always remember the words of one of the icons of the fashion world and my personal inspiration for quite some time, Ralph Lauren. 

So it’s not just the clock striking twelve on the 31st of December  that signals a major transition, it’s the end of each day that calls for change, for growth. As I pondered that night, I went first to my closet–style, the outward expression of inner resonance. 

I selected a jacket, undoubtedly a showpiece but of course appropriate for the occasion. I immediately wondered why every occasion didn’t have the same requirements (more for a later post).

Then, I selected a drink. I’ve been steadily growing in my appreciation of premium and intricately blended whiskeys. And I.W. Harper seemed to be the perfect pairing for the evening, one that started in deep stillness but rose to a crescendo of joy at the new prospects ahead.

Finally, I selected a scent, something that I would carry through a night that would casually stretch into the next day.

A classic in Polo Red, the fragrance was not simply a way to ring in the new year but a reminder of the value of each day in it, to mark the power of reinvention and celebrate the occasion accordingly. 

Here’s to every new day in 2017!

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