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  • Seasonal Essentials: Travel with The Brothers

    Travel is one of life’s treasures. But it’s so easy to get bogged down, busy with the next project, meeting or presentation that you miss out on the great things that even your own city has to offer. There has to be a way to release, to escape from the cycle of the grind and […]

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  • The Round up: News from A.P.C, VANS, and ShopTalk 2016

    The Roundup is a new weekly entry that captures some of the most noteworthy news, events and innovations in fashion, culture, travel, tech and sports. Get The Roundup in your inbox every week by clicking here. A.P.C, the famed French ready-to-wear brand most noted for their denim, has added to their physical retail footprint with […]

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  • Fine Italian Craftsmanship from Mario Bemer of Florence

    I was greeted with the warmth of Florentine sunshine, immediately making an emotional connection to a city so rich in history and art that fashion can easily become an afterthought. First order of business, a morning visit to the atelier I was so eager to see. I walked endlessly in search of Via Maggio, finally […]

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  • Travel Journal: The Streets of Cartageña

    Everyone I told of my trip to Colombia asked me, ‘Why are you going there? Is it safe? Do you know anyone else who’s gone there? Do you watch ‘Narcos’? Aren’t you scared?” If you’ve never heard me say it before, you should know that I’m a firm believer in the internet “shrinking the world”, […]

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  • LEPSI: Powering Precision

    An equally portable counterpart to the wrist watch, this Swiss-made device measures the rate accuracy of your timepiece within a remarkable range and keeps the information from an easily accessible mobile app.