• Style
  • Common Thread: Jack Sartori x Masel Milano

    For two young entrepreneurs, the heritage of old world craftsmanship met the pace of the contemporary landscape. Capturing the essence of refinement, this collaboration is a result of the connectivity that this digital age provides: “I found Masel Ties on social media,” says John Pantera, founder and chief designer at Jack Sartori. “We chatted and […]

  • Prose
  • Retrospective with Whillas & Gunn

    When was the last time you read something that challenged your worldview? As we age, we have the tendency to substitute open-mindedness for staunch stances. There are convictions, yes, and adhere as you should. But then there is stagnation, and that is not a life well-lived. Creativity is fueled by a lasting curiosity and a […]