• Personal Development
  • Striking Out

    “Do you stay for the same reasons you start?” I think we all seek purpose at our core. Yet comfort has a way of convincing us to compromise, to remain in our box (or cubicle) when we feel the compulsion to detach and divest. What might’ve began as a transient venture, with the full knowledge […]

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  • Off Terrain

    No matter the amount of planning we put in place, every journey and endeavor is hardly ever straightforward. Sometimes a reroute is necessary in order to find one’s true path and calling or to procure time to put things in perspective. Going off course is not to be equated with failure, as long as there […]

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  • Gentleman, Tested: Litmus Test

    We gauge sincerity by pursuit. Whenever a desire is expressed or a vision is shared, there is an impetus to follow through. Take the future professional athlete for example. There is an initial moment of interest, then introductory activity. The experience proves rewarding and motivates them to continue. At the time the declaration is made, […]

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  • Food for Thought

    “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” -Bill Cosby Nothing keeps us from performing at our utmost potential more than fear does. Fear veils vision, and consequently leaves us with no sense of direction or a clear path towards the attainment of our goals. As an immediate effect, most of […]

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  • Sound It Out: PROM-uhl-geyt

    We think in descriptors. Whatever we perceive, be it in ink, type, color, pixel, or sound, we ultimately seek to qualify it with words. Words are forceful. They can build, mold, or rend. They can encapsulate or expose, grieve or grow. What we say about ourselves has an undeniable impact on our capacity to achieve. […]

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  • Finish Line: Coach’s Corner

    Seeking intelligent counsel is critical to success. I emphasized the intelligence factor because there is a premium on specificity. There is such a thing as bad advice. And that may have nothing to do with the person or their intentions. You should welcome their support but ignorance is unacceptable. Having a keen knowledge bank allows […]