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  • Status Quo

    Recently, I was challenged to rethink our current state of masculinity. Throughout time, we’ve witnessed two ends of the spectrum. First, tyranny: in the home, workplace, and the political arena. We’ve experienced the leveraging of strength and influence for the retention of power, many times reinforced by our own fear of the unknown. For a […]

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  • Food For Thought: Afraid of Dreaming

    “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs Success tends to favor the eccentric, people who think radically and whose prospective plans seem lofty or exaggerated. But when someone declares bold aspirations, are they casually dismissed or encouraged? I find that many times, […]

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  • Loose Threads

    Trust is the fabric of relationships, intricately woven, intimately tied. But when one tear occurs, it will begin to fray. You can repair it (some more skillfully than others) but evidence of the damage will remain. It is quite delicate. A broken promise, a late arrival, a missed appointment. Something as simple as a harsh […]

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  • Tested

    Obstacles are necessary for success. When you’re confronted with a roadblock, you’re forced to ponder an alternate route. Our response to each encountered obstacle influences the potential we have for success. It’s a true test of will and determination–How badly do you want to arrive at your destination? While some people fold under pressure, others […]