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    Recently, I was challenged to rethink our current state of masculinity. Throughout time, we’ve witnessed two ends of the spectrum. First, tyranny: in the home, workplace, and the political arena. We’ve experienced the leveraging of strength and influence for the retention of power, many times reinforced by our own fear of the unknown. For a […]

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    Those in positions of power must be very careful in how they exercise their influence. In the workplace, as in a home, there is a thin line to navigate. We see this clearly when it comes to a matter of utmost importance: division of labor. For a leader, the path towards success necessitates an increase […]

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    Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy. -Lao Tzu Upon seeing this, I immediately thought of a remark from another military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte: “A leader has the right to be defeated but never to be surprised.” Both of these speak to a singularly imperative quality in every aspect of life, area of interest, and […]