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  • You’re Invited! Men’s Health x G-Shock at Tourneau

    ‘Tis the season for giving! And as we officially head into the holiday season, Genteel Flair is partnering with the good folks at Men’s Health for an exclusive product preview and shopping event at Tourneau in Midtown. Come hang out with me as G-Shock presents their latest performance-driven watch collection, the Master of G, at […]

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  • Enjoying a Cigar with The Hogtown Rake

    “Because we were having a mid-morning smoke, I chose a cigar on the milder end of things. These Quai d’Orsay panatelas are from a 2007 box, right around the time they were discontinued by Habanos S.A. It is a crying shame that these are no longer available because while mild in strength, they explode with […]

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  • The Roundup: News from HypeBeast, Moleskine and more!

    The Roundup is a new weekly entry that captures some of the most noteworthy news, events and innovations in fashion, culture, travel, tech and sports. Get The Roundup in your inbox every week by clicking here.     HypeBeast, the media conglomerate and online shopping platform with HypeTrak and Hypebae under the same digital umbrella, filed […]

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  • Style On-Air: “The Knick”

    If you’re as fascinated with great television as I’ve been lately, then you’d know, at the very least, something about Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick, a Cinemax original drama series which airs every Friday at 10 PM EST.

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  • Travel Journal: The Streets of Cartageña

    Everyone I told of my trip to Colombia asked me, ‘Why are you going there? Is it safe? Do you know anyone else who’s gone there? Do you watch ‘Narcos’? Aren’t you scared?” If you’ve never heard me say it before, you should know that I’m a firm believer in the internet “shrinking the world”, […]

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  • On the Journey: More from the Modern Trail

    Every day is an adventure and we like to share stories of those we meet on that path, people who spark an interest and live a life worth noting. And in true Timberland fashion, we like to think of them as “mark markers” too.

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  • Urban Oases with Timberland

    These are the places where we unplug to reconnect, and where Timberland provides the comfort, versatility, and proven performance to navigate any landscape.

  • Personal Development
  • The Ideal Pursuit: Ease

    Elegance is fluid. The graceful man exudes a certain freedom of self, allowing himself to release not all inhibitions, but arbitrary restrictions. Within him is a sense of joviality that works in tandem with a requite respect of occasion. Both are equal parts of the gentleman, neither no more important than the other. He remembers […]