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  • Sound It Out: PROM-uhl-geyt

    We think in descriptors. Whatever we perceive, be it in ink, type, color, pixel, or sound, we ultimately seek to qualify it with words. Words are forceful. They can build, mold, or rend. They can encapsulate or expose, grieve or grow. What we say about ourselves has an undeniable impact on our capacity to achieve. […]

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  • Food for Thought: Be

    “Be. Be here, be there. Be that, be this. Be grateful for life, be grateful to life. Be gleeful everyday, for being the best swimmer among five hundred thousand. Be-nign, be you, be mom’s mean pie, be little black Sambo with bad hair. Be aware of Willie Lynch’s. Be… be boundless energy. Be a four star ghetto general. Be no […]

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  • Daily

    Those three words. Their brevity inherently attracts skepticism. They beg substantiation because they can’t possibly encompass all that they imply. And they don’t. The conglomerate of letters and spaces,  pauses and speech, silence and distinct, sharp syllables fails to envelope what needs to follow after they are uttered; in ink or inflection. Be responsible for […]