Rural Retreat with N.D.C Made by Hand

I relish in getaways, mostly because they’ve been few and far between. The chance to explore new surroundings and expand your horizons is always a welcome experience. Travel opens your mind to new possibilities and releases you from strict parameters and pre-conceived notions when you embrace the immersion. I was recently afforded an opportunity to … Continue reading

History and Heritage: Realm & Empire

Inspiration (and innovation) is most essential to any heritage brand that hopes to revive some semblance of the past. And for Realm & Empire, the drawing board pays homage with a fresh look each season. Since 2012, Realm & Empire has forged a lane unique to the brand notably due to their partnership with the … Continue reading

Seaside Solitude with Sperry Top-Sider

The usually bustling PIER 17 is under construction and the lull in pedestrian traffic on this overcast afternoon presents a prime occasion for a solitary stroll along the seaport. Working in the creative space, there is an undeniable need to be constantly refreshed. For me, some deconstruction and disarray is where I get my best … Continue reading


Weather-Ready Wardrobe

Preparation is everything. Living in New York City, you have to anticipate change. It’s one of life’s few guarantees and when it comes to city weather, the results can be unpredictable. We’re just getting settled into fall and from random showers and strong winds to brisk air, the transition to winter can be exceptionally difficult. … Continue reading


Premium Basics: Incedo Shoes

Direct and distinct, Incedo Shoes follows an emerging online model focused on a frictionless buying experience, limiting their offerings to 6 versatile styles, some major leather types and a few lasts and sole options. Elegance is often found in simplicity and this stripped-down approach allows for exemplary details, such as the beveled fiddleback waist, that … Continue reading


Timely Fashion: Seiko® Astron GPS Chronograph 8X Series

I reviewed the Seiko® Astron GPS Chronograph as part of a sponsored partnership through the SocialStars #AstronElite initiative. Admittedly, I’ve used timepieces more for flair than function but with an impressive list of features, this was a great chance to discover something new. Unequivocally, the measure of a good watch is its efficacy. Apart from flawless … Continue reading


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