The Gravity of Brevity

Life is short. So often heard but rarely considered. We control very little yet spend most of our days planning our tomorrows. Ambition is a beautiful thing. It motivates innovation and spurs creativity. But we aren’t guaranteed an opportunity to apply it; to initiate or much less execute our ideas.

I’m currently engrossed in a very sobering read by Timothy Keller entitled “Counterfeit Gods”. Great book. Pick it up. It explores the things we “love, trust, and obey” that are evidently baseless. Thought-provoking. After an encounter with a total stranger in Times Square, I was struck with the pervasive lack of foundation in the things that many of us rely on. Our money, no longer backed by a gold standard. Our health, susceptible to such rapid change. Our looks, fleeting daily and quite expensive in upkeep when pursued to extremes.It begs the question: What’s left? I don’t think its what, but rather Who, was there first. I think its God.

I think we spend most of our time trying to avoid that conclusion. Trying to fill empty spaces with items and people. But I think if you start at the beginning, then you’re in the right place. Be wary of viewing a means as an end.

Let’s get back to basics. [John 1:1]

Life is short.


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