Stand Out

Not much convincing needs to be done on my part before I get you to give a nod of approval to the sentiment that taking the easy route  is often times the satisfying way out. However, before you go on a nodding spree, allow me to convince you otherwise.

As far as menswear is concerned, authenticity is golden. If you’re not bringing something unique, original, and true to the table, chances are you’re taking the easy way out. In other words, you’re flat out lazy!

Regurgitation of other menswear affiliates is off limits (that should probably be the first rule)–develop a style true to you.

Truth of the matter is that a good sum of us, especially those of us just coming to terms with our style, initially aspire to develop a style similar to the people we admire but in the process, we lose sight of the fact that our style is meant to be an extension of our identity, not one to be duplicated using someone else’s as a template. I can only speak for myself when I say there’s no reward in that. It makes no sense doing what has already been done, especially when you’re going about it the same way without building on it. A lot of men fall into the trap of walking the line set by other men (i.e. striving by all means to match the next man’s wardrobe, without the resources), and as a result, they experience stagnancy; they fail to make a move until the ones they follow make one (the epitome of trends); they fail to realize their potential because they’ve allowed it to be shrouded by someone else’s achievements. In short, they designate themselves as followers when the leadership position awaits, vacant.

My advice to you, gentlemen, is to embrace challenge and avoid settling–in every aspect of your life, I’d say. The moment you choose to develop your style according to your means and convictions, as opposed to popular opinion, is the moment you’ll realize you had everything to begin with; all that was required was some diligent work on your end.

In the words of Bereola, author of Bereolaesque, “stand out, not to be seen, but because it’s inevitable.”

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