Grow Up

We’re all in a rush to be right, but not many of us slow down to consider why we might be wrong. We yearn to be seen as mature yet we either forget, or disregard the responsibilities that come with being a mature individual.

Most of us are reluctant to admit fault and take responsibility for misdeeds when that is in fact the mature thing to do. We’d much rather hold others responsible because it’s a lot easier than examining one’s own psyche, motives, and intent. I’ve been there, tossing blame one after the other onto completely innocent parties for my need to be right. But there has to be a point where you realize that you have to be honest with yourself and interrogate yourself like you would another.

By taking responsibility for your actions, you avoid unnecessary bouts of disagreements, and in the process foster better relationships and further the development of your self. On the contrary, veering away from being ‘the bigger man’ when the time calls for it, invites turbulence and unmanageable relationships into your life.

Being mature is no easy task because it requires an emotional detachment from certain situations, prioritizing what’s most important above who is right or wrong, and a constant effort of consciousness on your part. It’s tough but someone has to do it.

Why not you?

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  1. Very true – someone has to do it – why not me? I read this quote somewhere about how pain and hurt is like this currency that gets passed on by people, over and over, until one person is strong enough to just absorb whatever comes at them and not pass it on. Thanks for an inspiring post.

  2. Thank you for reading and sharing. It definitely begins with one’s self.

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