The Steve Mono Briefcase

Backpacks are cool and all–if you can manage to look like you’re not in high school with a lunchbox in hand–but briefcases are just a better option in my opinion and if I might add, the perfect substitute.

Steve Mono, a brand birthed by Gonzalo Fonseca, is based in Madrid and was created with the intention of supplying gentlemen with leather goods and accessories of great and durable quality.

The briefcase is one I’ve had my eye on for a few years now but have steered away from because of the pricey tag. Unfortunately, this will most likely continue to be the case unless I stumble on a reasonable sale price or a substitute piece. The Mono, as I like to call it, reminds me of that sartorial golden era that was the ’60’s when students would strap up their books together (or carry them in briefcases) and stroll about campus, books in hand, all while being properly dressed.

Neither large nor small, the Mono briefcase is aptly compact for light days at work or school, or perhaps an interview when you need nothing but a laptop and documents to carry along.

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