Gentleman, Dressed: The Shirt

Sometimes, being buttoned up is a good thing. We all have our reservations when it comes to style. A good shirt can give your look great direction. Let’s take a trip!

My Closet

Patterns can be both subtle and impressive. I enjoy detailed design, especially those that require a closer eye to grasp the depth (though I’m exceptionally partial to gingham). As always, versatility is key. Most shirts are meant to be paired so with every purchase I keep potential partners in mind. In this one instance, I’m rarely concerned about the fit. Most of these shirts end up under a blazer or sweater so as long as the collar width, spread and neck circumference are accurate, the look will be a success.

–Thierry Augustin

What better way to bring some flair to a gentleman’s look than opting for the shirt. Before anything though, it’s crucial to have a good idea about the dress shirt size(s) that’ll complement your bodily proportions and type (if you’re not already hip to that). Personally I feel that it’s much more effective to start with the fitting of the shirt and have everything else–collar type (ahem, spread collar), cuffs, material, etc.–begin to be accounted for and fall into place. This way, a certain look stands on its own, with or without supplemental pieces such as cardigans, sweaters and blazer/suit jackets.

Oftentimes, a transition is needed in between the work day and an evening gathering with friends and if one is without the luxury of time and/or wardrobe options to create separate looks for the two, then details must not be overlooked. Making fit a priority allows for an efficient carryover from the work environment to the leisure– the tie-less, top button(s) unbuttoned ensemble for instance; or the dressed down look that features a fitted, and neatly tucked shirt, a tie, and a pair of well tailored pants, absent the blazer or suit jacket. (There’s nothing visually appealing about over-sized shirts that leave an excess ruffle and overhang above the belt line.)

–Stephen Obisanya

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