Keep Moving

If you waited for perfect conditions to act, nothing would ever be accomplished. Variations and paraphrases of this sentiment are many, but the adage stands true.

Recently, I’ve been challenged with this: stop allowing what you don’t have to determine what you can do. More than a mere change in perspective. Sometimes you have to “get out of your own way”, as affirmed explicitly by the other half of Genteel Flair and implied otherwise by some very poignant (and brutally honest) people in my circle. This is my thank you to them and an encouragement to anyone who is feeling similarly bogged down by circumstances.

You live where you think. Not confronting the things that scare us (and rationalizing that avoidance) will have us approaching life with our eyes closed, wondering why we’re uneasy. It is an obstacle, not a road block. See it, surmount it. We were not built to stop.

Fear not, dream big, work smart.

“You will get tired, but don’t give up.”


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